The Iris Garden

Some 200 varieties of distinctly different Iris reach their peak season in May and June.

The varieties include Japanese, Bearded, Siberian and Louisiana in colors ranging from softest whites and yellows through orange, pink, red and purple, with blooms from delicate to large and showy and some quite fragrant.

The blooming season for some varieties extends to September. To maintain interest throughout the spring and summer, the garden is over planted with hundreds of annual sun-loving zinnias, petunias and vinca to create a visual carpet of color until frost.

The Iris Society, an affiliate of The American Iris Society, established this garden through its mission to promote the propagation and planting of Iris in the Ozarks.

Additional support is needed, however, to maintain other aspects of the garden’s infrastructure.

Hear About this Garden

*All Iris Garden photos courtesy of Aaron J. Scott Photography